General Information
Home World Unknown
Body Robotic
Powers and abilities
Abilities Chronokinesis
Time Travel
Time Ray
Past Viewing
First Appearance Ben 10,000 Returns

Chronosapiens are a species of mechanical lifeforms. They're robotic, metallic and appear to be more machine-like than biological.


Chronosapiens are made of a brass-like metal and have a translucent window in their torso which displays their innards, which appear to be various gears. They have a round, short head with a semi-circular appendage on top. When moving, Chronosapiens produce gear-like sounds.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Chronosapiens are able to produce time-rays that age their targets into dust.

Chronosapiens are capable of time-travel, and can display events that have happened in the past by rotating the appendage on their heads, which produces a light. This light covers the area and displays all objects and movements in the past as holographic images.


Chronosapiens appear to be fragile and easily able to be damaged. Their metallic bodies can be broken by sufficient force, and they can fall into a powered-down state in which the light in their torso as well as on their face goes off and they cease moving. They are very slow.


According to Ben 10,000, at some point during the Time War , the Chronosapiens went rogue.

Notable ChronosapiensEdit

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