Ben 10 UA Deep
General Information
Original broadcast October 22, 2010
Series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Season 1
Episode number 13
Overall episode number 111
Written by Marty Isenberg
Directed by Dan Riba
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Deep is the thirteenth episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


Underwater, a Magister Plumber named Pyke is searching for something. He finds a swimming object which happens to be Ultimate Aggregor who seems to defeat Magister Pyke.

Ben is surrounded by fans and tries to escape as Goop, but fails while Gwen and Kevin save him. Ben receives a message from Pyke about Ultimate Aggregor. They go to planet Piscciss to search for Pyke, but are attacked by a monster. They use the electrical gauntlets in their Plumber suits to defeat the monster, but in the battle, Kevin's helmet cracks.


Battling the Natives.

Kevin Breathing

Little fish giving Kevin air supply after his plumber suit broke.

With Kevin drowning, Gwen blasts him against the jet's side, causing him to absorb the jet's coating, saving from from being crushed by the water pressure, while a nearby fish is able to convert itself into a helmet for him so he can breathe. Pyke shows up and they go with him to find Ultimate Aggregor. Ben's helmet cracks when they battle many sea creatures and he tries to transform, but becomes Humungousaur. He scared them off and turns into AmpFibian.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Episode- Deep

Kevin, Gwen and AmpFibian

They pass the guards once they explain their Plumber business, and go to the core of the planet, where it looks like Ultimate Aggregor is attacking. The core has air in it while, Pyke uses a water helmet to breathe. But a tremor occurs and Pyke is crushed by a rock. While Gwen stays to help him, Ben and Kevin go on, but find Ultimate Aggregor grabbing the planet's core piece that keeps it together.

2011-10-06 2331

It turns out the anti-gravity multiplier that holds Piscciss together is the second piece of the Map of Infinity, which Paradox disguised it so no one would not suspect. Ultimate Aggregor leaves and Big Chill chases him. Gwen, Kevin, and Pyke with the core guards. Big Chill turns into Ultimate Big Chill when the guards keep distracting him and his friends as the culprits for stealing the core piece. Ultimate Aggregor escapes Piscciss. Ultimate Big Chill, trying to prevent Piscciss from scattering into pieces, transforms into Goop, and uses his anti-gravity projector as a substitute, but it also sucks in Goop. Soon the water turns green and Piscciss pulls itself back together, with Goop reverting back to Ben and being saved before he drowns. Pyke thanks them for their help and Kevin wards off the fish that was used as his breathing helmet much to his sadness while Gwen consoles him.


Fish kissing kevin

Little Fish and Kevin


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Kevin: Guys? (his Plumber helmet starts cracking)

Ben and Gwen: KEVIN! (Kevin's helmet bursts open, and Gwen sends Kevin flying over to the Rustbucket, causing him to absorb the paint on the ship)

Ben: Good work, Gwen. Another second and he'd have been crushed by the pressure down here. (Kevin is wriggling around and points at his neck, making it obvious that he is still unable to breathe)

Gwen: But he still can't breathe! (A fish swims over and puts itself over Kevin's head. Ben is about to go over and get the fish off)

Gwen: No, wait! (The fish turns into a helmet, meaning that Kevin can now breathe, so he gasps for air) That thing just saved his life!
Kevin: Yeah, but I look like a dork!

Gwen: What's it like?

Kevin: The air is cold, but okay, and it smells a little...

Ben: Fishy?

Kevin: (sarcastically) How'd you guess?

Pyke: Next time you decide to crash my planet, give me some warning or would that cause unnecessary panic.

Kevin: Pyke?

Pyke: Got your distress call.

Gwen: Just the guy I wanted to see. I can scan you to find Aggregor.

Pyke: Be my guest, but you're wasting your time. Our scanners aren't picking him up anywhere in the entire planetary ocean.

Gwen: (puts her hand on Pyke's head to track Aggregor) That's because he's not in the water. He's inside the planet's solid core.

Pyke: The core is the most inaccessible place in the world. There's only one way in, and it's under constant guard.

Kevin: (referring to Gwen) Trust me, fish lips, she's never wrong.

Pyke: (the fish-helmet on Kevin's head purrs) Nice hat.
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Gwen: (makes large shield around Ben and Kevin for the Natives)

Kevin: What'd you do that for?
Gwen: Thought I'd let the local authority handle things.
Ben: How come I was never that cool as Ripjaws?

Kevin: You were never that cool, period.
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Ben: (Talking into radio) This is Rust Bucket 3, requesting permission to land... d-dive, over.

Kevin: Maybe their communications are out again.
Gwen: It could be Aggregor. I'm definitely sensing him on this planet... somewhere.

Ben: No point waiting around for an invitation; take us down.
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Ben: (after getting rescued from a mob of screaming fans)


Kevin: S'okay, I took pictures. (shows his phone)
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Aggregor: Clever of Paradox to disguise this piece of the Map of Infinity as the single most important item on this planet. (Ben reaches for the Ultimatrix) Don't even think about it. If you move, I'll destroy it. And planet Piscciss...

Kevin: Comes apart at the seams. The tremors before? That was you trying to get it loose.

Aggregor: You're smarter than you look, boy. Admittedly, not a great achievement...
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Aggregor: Next time, try absorbing something that doesn't conduct electricity! (jumps through ceiling)

Kevin: You're not getting away that... AGGREGOOOORR!

Ben: You completely forgot about me, didn't you?(in a muffled voice from under the rocks)
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Ben: Guys, I need backup, stat! Help me, I'm surrounded! I'm serious, they're everywhere please! (girls scream) Not the Ten! NOT THE TEN!
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  • At the beginning of the episode when Magister Pyke is chasing Ultimate Aggregor, there's a lot of rocks shown floating around. But later in the episode, there aren't any rocks at all, excluding the core.
  • When Pyke got his water helmet, Kevin was shifting between his normal form and his metal form.
  • When Big Chill is chasing Aggregor, two Piscciss Volanns start to chase him, for a moment it can be seen that the one on the right is wearing a Plumber's suit, not the usual guard uniform.
  • Kevin says S'ok, I took pictures and displays a cell phone but when he and Gwen rescued Ben, he did not take pictures.
  • The whole time Goop was pulling the planet together, Pyke did not have his helmet on and yet showed no discomfort.
  • When Ben transformed into Humungousaur, the palms of his hands swapped between the color of his stomach, and the color of his back and arms.
  • When Goop kept the Anti-Gravity Projector, he didn't fall into a puddle like he usually does.

Naming and TranslationsEdit

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Brazil) Fundo Deep
Spanish (Latin America) El Núcleo The Core
Spanish (Spain) Abismo Abyss

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