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Dimension 23 is an alternate dimension that closely parellels with ours and Ben 23 originates from.

In Store 23, Dimension 23 is shown to have a history different from the main dimension. Dimension 23's Bellwood is similar to Ben 10's, but has the Mr. Gyro franchise replacing Mr. Smoothie. Ben 23 found the Omnitrix (or as he calls it "The Hero Watch") just like in the original series, but had to teach himself how to use it because Max passed away before the Omnitrix arrived. Ben uses the Omnitrix for fame and fortune, and believes that all aliens are evil (except for his aliens).

Notable InhabitantsEdit


  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, there was a bit about Dimension 23's Kevin working as a bus boy in Mr. Gyro.[1]
  • Dimension 23 has a certain predisposition toward the color blue.  Many objects are blue, Ben 23's aliens have blue features, and the eyes of Ben 23 and this universe's Azmuth are blue.  The Hero Watch is also blue where the main dimension's Omnitrix is green.


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