so you go to the future and your time machine shows up at the jetson family home inside you find a man named george jetson he was afraid that if he went outside the group of evil beings would see him so fred knocked some sense into him with his club so we went outside and the time machine was not there instead you found a note it said (haha! i stole your time machine and now you are stuck in the future forever! mwahahahahahahahahahaha! mojo jojo) so that no good little monkey is alive! but you were thinking he was dead! i guess he was right were stuck here in the future but dexters time machine came to get us but i was in it! so when he ran screaming about seeing us we jumped in and went back to townsville and we met up with the rest of the gang and at the warp gate there were two new worlds mung daals catering company and stormalong harbor