we go to townsville and we stopped at the utonium house and asked the professor if the girls were home but they were on a quest to stop mojo jojo in his new flight pod so everyone hops on a car and it had blossom on it bubbles was one more car ahead blossom used her ice breath to freeze the wheels but the car hit the other one and we got into a big explosion luckily bubbles saved me but every one else landed on a mattress truck and there was a mattress on top of the truck bubbles gave me a ride to the car with buttercup on it and she used her lazer eyes to end it the pod fell to the ground and the car we were on blew up and me bubbles and buttercup landed on the same mattress truck that had every one else on it so we took a bouncy ride home untill we landed in the trees the powerpuff girls helped us down we went down to the utonium lab the professor made a time machine and we punched in 1975 and it took us to townsville 1975 there was a park with a big rabbit hole and a sign that said mystery inc. so should we go to the rabbit hole or the haunted house

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