Jim Samples
Jim Samples
Age: 51
Known For:

Cartoon Network President (2001-2007)

President of Scripps' International Division (2007-present)

Jim Samples was the 2nd manager and president of Cartoon Network along with Ted Turner. Most Cartoon Network fans say that Jim Samples was Cartoon Network's best and most liked president, most people started petitions to bring him back. After his resignation after the 2007 Boston Bomb scare, Stuart Snyder took over his position as being in charge of Cartoon Network. Most People would people would consider Jim Samples a kid friendly person when it came to Y7 TV rated shows just For Kids. Jim Samples was famous for the CN City era which was said to be Cartoon Networks Best Look, espically on Jim Samples Clamied to be into helping kids have something to watch on TV than the money he was reciving. He was very strict about having no live action like PG Shows on Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network's Original Series, Class Of 3000 was the last show to be approved by Samples

Boston Bomb scareEdit

On February 9, 2007, Samples decided to resign due to the 2007 Boston Bomb scare and shortly afterwards, one of his employees Stuart Snyder took over his position as being in charge of Cartoon Network he is still Cartoon Network's current manager. Most Cartoon Networks fans would say that Stuart Synder has killed Cartoon Network.


Samples currently is the President of Scripps' international division. Scripps is known for running channels such as HGTV, Food Network, GAC, and much more.

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