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Level Up is a live-action television series that first aired on Cartoon Network on January 24, 2012. The series is based off of the film of the same name as the series. Due to the show not being Cartoon Network's most recent upfront, the show might get cancelled.


Wyatt Black- Wyatt is a brilliant techno-geek with perfect grades. He may be a nerd in the real world, but he's a force to be reckoned with in the game. His video game avatar is Black Death with Blast-a-Ton.

Angie- She's smart, spunky, and tenacious, but Angie's inquisitive nature sometimes gets her in over her head. She has no avatar and her weapon is the Fist of Schoolage.

Lyle- Lyle is the high school quarterback. He's a charming, popular jock who keeps his love of online fantasy games a secret. He loves to shout "Huzza!" when something goes right. His video game avatar is Wizza with Thunder Pole.

Dante- Fearless and impulsive, Dante is the rebel of the group. He's always getting in trouble for pulling pranks and stunts. His video game avatar is Sir Bickle with Skull Cracker.

Max-- He is the eccentric multi-billionaire and the creator of Conqueror of All Worlds.

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