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"Mike, Lu & Og"
Genre Animated television series
Created by Mikhail Shindel
Mikhail Aldashin
Charles Swenson
Written by Mikhail Shindel
Mikhail Aldashin
Charles Swenson
Starring Nika Futterman
Nancy Cartwright
Dee Bradley Baker
S. Scott Bullock
Corey Burton
Carlos Alazraqui
Kath Soucie
Tom Kenny
Maurice LaMarche
Rene Auberjonois
Billy West
Grey DeLisle
Brian George
Rob Paulsen
Jeff Bennett
Frank Welker
Jim Cummings
Greg Proops
Jim Ward
Charlie Adler
Country of origin USA
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26 (List of Mike, Lu & Og episodes)
Executive producer(s) Charles Swenson
Running time 22 minutes approx.
Composer(s) Vladimir Horunzhy
Production company(s) Kinofilm Studios
Cartoon Network Studios
Original channel Cartoon Network
First shown November 6, 1998
Original run November 12, 1999 – May 27, 2001
Status Reruns

Mike, Lu & Og was an American animated television series produced by Kinofilm Studios that ran on Cartoon Network. The show was the seventh Cartoon Cartoon, based on a short for The What-A-Cartoon! Show. Created by Chuck Swenson, the show follows a girl named Mike, a foreign exchange student from Manhattan; a stuck up island princess named Lu; and a native boy and gifted inventor named Og. The trio takes part in a variety of adventures as Mike and the island's natives share their customs with each other. 26 half-hour episodes were produced, featuring two stories per episode. The series featured voice actors Nika Frost as Mike, Nancy Cartwright as Lu, and Dee Bradley Baker as Og. It began airing on Kids' WB! in May 2004. Mike, Lu, and Og stopped airing on Boomerang in June 2008 but returned on September 1, 2008, and can currently be seen on Cartoon Network Video.


Mike applied as a foreign exchange student, and on a lark asked to be sent to a tropical island (which has the strange capability to sink and pop up "like a cork" a few moments later every "few hundred years or so"). She found herself dumped on a forgotten, barely mapped island populated by descendants of a British shipwreck (which is why Lu and Og, and their parents, speak perfect English). This island may be based on the real-life Pitcairn Island. The Castaways have "gone native" and are trying to behave like Polynesians, with varying degrees of success.


Mike, Lu, & Og Characters

Broadcast HistoryEdit

  • Cartoon Network (1999 – 2001, original-run; 2003 – 2008, reruns)
  • Boomerang (2006 – 2008, 2009 – 2010, 2011 – 2012, 2012 - present)

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