General Information
Species Anubian Baskurr
Affiliations The Faction (formerly)
Khyber (formerly)
Kevin Levin
Ben's Team
Occupation(s) Pet
Hunting Dog (formerly)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Smelling
Enhanced Hearing
Powerful Roar
Equipment Nemetrix (formerly)
Relatives Khyber (ex-owner)
Kevin Levin (owner)
Alias Old friend (Khyber)
Mutt (Ben Tennyson and Malware)
Fido (Ben Tennyson)
Ben Eating Monster (Ben Tennyson)
The Beast (Malware)
Good Doggy (Kevin Levin)
Dumb Mutt (Kevin Levin)
Voice Actor Paul Eiding
First Appearance The More Things Change: Part 1

Zed is a female Anubian Baskurr currently owned by Kevin Levin, and formerly by Khyber.


Zed is a somewhat dinosaur- and dog-like alien being blueish-grey in color. She has spike-like hair running down from her collar to the tip of her tail. She has sharp red eyes and black lines on her neck and legs.

She used to have a red spiked collar that had the Nemetrix on.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zed is shown to be very fast, agile and strong (able to throw Ben with ease).


Nemetrix (formerly)Edit

Zed used to have a device called the Nemetrix on her collar that allowed her to turn into alien monsters that are the predatory species of Omnitrix aliens.

Nine predatory beasts have been seen used by Zed:


File:Of Predator part1 73.png
It is shown that Zed is not completely loyal and can be manipulated by anyone who uses a whistle that is at the same frequency as Khyber's gill. Azmuth built a whistle in order to turn Zed against Khyber and Dr. Psychobos. This does not last if anyone show some love and care for her as when she saved Kevin's life.

It is shown in Showdown: Part 1 that like a regular dog, if someone scratches behind Zed's ear, she will become tamed. This also does not last.


Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

Video GamesEdit

Predatory AliensEdit

Naming and TranslationsEdit

Language Name Origin
French Zed  Pronounciation of Z
Portuguese (Brazil)  Zed From Zed


  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt:
    • While Zed belonged to Khyber, she didn't have a name because Khyber saw her only as a tool to hunt, and didn't care about her enough to name her.
    • Zed was supposed to appear in The Frogs of War, but her part was cut for time.[1] She was, however, in the credits, where her new name, "Zed", was revealed.
  • According to Matt Wayne, Zed doesn't like Argit.[2]
  • In Showdown: Part 2, it is revealed by Kevin that Zed is female much to Gwen's shock.


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